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Matte Poster

Designers often opt for matte poster paper due to its archival* quality and durability.​ This medium is ideal for photograph printing.


This high-quality photo matte paper, designed specifically for professional use, has a muted semi-matte appearance, offering minimal shine and reflection. *Please be aware that the semi-matte finish does retain a subtle sheen, or gloss.


High D-max**

  • Provides an extensive spectrum of colors with vibrant pigmentation.​​

Matte Canvas

Cotton-poly blend offers enhanced durability and resistance to shrinking, along with flexibility.


Very high D-max**

  • Provides an extensive spectrum of colors with vibrant pigmentation.


High bright white point

  • The paper appears brighter and whiter.

Care Instructions

  • All prints will have a one-inch border by default to facilitate safe handling.

  • Please handle canvas prints carefully to avoid fingerprints and smudging.

Additional Information

These fine art prints are printed with archival-quality inks and professional-grade equipment. They are printed on acid-free paper, which not only helps preserve the color and texture of the image but also prevents fading and cracking.


  • In contrast to acidic paper, it is less prone to yellow or deteriorate over time.


  • A measure of the deepest black tone a printer, ink, or paper can reproduce. It is a very significant factor that determines quality and resulting appearance. Images with a low D-max, for reference, appear faint and lack intensity.

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